Let’s get back to the Christian way

To the editor

It appears strange that every time a disastrous shooting occurs the powers to be want to confiscate all the weapons. Historically records prove that in countries with most ridged gun laws have the highest crime rate. It has been proven that criminals have little problem in securing weapons of any kind. Criminals are not to concerned in doing it legally. When Government is in control of weapons the criminal rate goes up,largely by government does the killing itself, examples Germany and Russia.

It seems that we had no school killing until prayer and any images of religious nature were banned from our classroom. This was because someone might be offended by it, we didn’t consider the majority that would be offended by them deprived of having them in their presence. We have also banned anything religious from public property, crime rate has also gone up. Now we have efforts to dictate what churches might or might not be able to do.

Is it about time we go back to the Christian way that our country was founded on and not only survived but thrived for over 2000 years. When we elected Statesmen instead of politicians who are more interested in getting re-elected than in what is good for our country,’

We have more people getting government handout than we have people paying for all this government spending with their hard-earned tax dollars. The takers outnumber the payers so they are are being outvoted, to the ruination of our country. We have reached to point where all th tax dollars will not even pay the interest on our debt. In elementary school we learned that you cannot pay off debt with borrowed money. Maybe some of our government official need to enroll in the grade school classes.

Lerry Peichel

Sleepy Eye

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