Stopping violence involves more than gun regulation

President Barack Obama will unveil a proposal for reducing gun violence today. Despite criticism from gun rights advocates, the plan will involve more than cracking down on guns.

The plan, overseen by Vice President Joe Biden, will no doubt include proposals to ban military-style assault weapons, to limit ammunition magazines, and other proposals that will face a tough challenge in Congress.

But the president is also considering 19 executive actions he could put into place without Congress’ approval. They are limited in scope, but address many other issues besides gun sales – things like ensuring more complete mental health records for federal background checks, ordering tougher penalties for illegal gun trafficking and for those who lie on background checks, and giving schools more flexibility to use grant money for improved safety.

No doubt there will be many who will focus solely on the gun control issues, but critics should wait to see the proposal as a whole before condemning it.

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