To the editor:

ROADS: I hope Highway 15 going out of New Ulm will look like Highway 68 between New Ulm and Mankato. Rumble strips are excellently placed on 68 to drive a semi or buses on and allow extra room to maneuver for oncoming traffic. All other roads leading out of New Ulm encourage head-on collisions from peole texting, cell phones or playing with something in the vehicle.

RUSSIA: If they have 60,000 children they don?t need or want, maybe a sterilization program is to be implemented.

GUNS: We have people in our homes and schools who have a discipline problem, and they know it is a problem. These people should have a gun safe, trigger guards, stored in a safe place. If not, instituted local laws that anyone with so many DUIs, DWIs, domestic violence, mental disorder be requered to have safe areas in the home or at police headquarters with a check out, check in lockup. It may be an inconvenience to some people but protects parents, students and children, and follow it up with law enforcement. Discipline starts at HOME!

Here is where a judge, in court, can recommend these followups be taken, and law enforcement can follow the judges order to the home.

Les Fluegge

New Ulm

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