Changes ahead in 2013 for District 88

Change will be the operative word for the school district in 2013.

The first change is a turnover of school board membership. The 2013 calendar year finds 40 percent of the school board positions filled by new individuals. The new year also finds a new slate of school board officers. The blending of new and returning school board members will result in a changed school board personality. As the year progresses, that new personality will emerge.

One new task for the school board will be the recruitment and selection of a new superintendent. The school board has taken the first step in that process by approving a working relationship with the South Central Service Cooperative to facilitate the recruitment and selection process. With approximately 40 superintendent vacancies expected in Minnesota schools this year and a small pool of potential candidates, the process will benefit from outside facilitation. Ed Waltman, retired superintendent from Mankato, will direct the recruitment process. Mr. Waltman proposes a process that emphasizes extensive involvement of staff and community members in the identification of skills and characteristics desired for the person filling the position. Timing of the process should result in selection of a person by mid-April.

The new school board will also have decisions to be made that carry over from the past. In addition to selecting a new superintendent in the next six months, the new school board will address the following: (1) Revision of the current year budget, (2) Approval of a budget for 2013-14, (3) Future allocation of facility spaces, (4) Allocation of referendum revenue resources, (5) Approval of principal and teacher evaluation procedures to meet the new state requirements.

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