Please keep Juneau on NUPD

To the editor:

Please! Let’s not cut the New Ulm Police Department K9 unit Juneau. We need this very special trained dog in our community!

Look at the “big picture” for the years ahead. New Ulm certainly will grow and with growth more needs will arise for extra services.

The information in the Jan. 8 Journal mentioned that Juneau takes the palce of more thatn one officer on specific duties and activities. Don’t drop him now and then relaize you really do need a K9 unit! Yes, it will be more costly to start over again.

I’m sure this can be worked out satisfactorily to save Juneau’s position as part of NUPD for years ahead.

We are proud of this beautiful dog and all that he means to this community!

Ruth Nielsen

New Ulm

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