600+ turn out for Extreme Hill Climb

NEW ULM – The new Extreme Hill Climb event put on Saturday by the River Valley Dutchmen Snowmobile Club drew a crowd of over 600 spectators for the new, intense take on snowmobile hill climb.

The event was an official qualifier for the Wyoming World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb competition’s qualifier, which is held annually in Jackson, Wyoming. The event was the result of two years of work by New Ulm residents Tim Stadick and Chuck Effenberger. The two have competed in the Championship in prior years and are active members of the local organization.

“Before we had to travel as far as place like northern Wisconsin to do qualifiers,” said Stadick, “So, we worked and negotiated into getting it here.”

Due to steeper hillclimb used in the official competition, the need to add gates the snowmobiles must drive through and the warm weather, the group used snow making machines to work tirelessly all last week to craft a sculpted, snow-covered hill for the competition.

The competition drew 35 drivers across 8 classes, with a “King of the Hill” competition among the four stock class winners and the four modified class winners. The winners of the final competition earned $500 and qualified for the Championship qualifiers. The second place racers also qualified for the Championship.

Stadick said they will have to count the returns from this race to before deciding if they will host the event again next year. He said he was also glad to note that intense angle of the hill, which caused several racers and their snowmobiles to roll back down, resulted only a few broken snowmobiles but now broken bodies.

Josh Moniz can be e-mailed at jmoniz@nujournal.com

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