Short campaigns

On Dec. 20, State Rep. Terry Morrow announced he was leaving his District 19A legislative seat to take another job in another state. On Jan. 8, Gov. Mark Dayton set the election to fill the vacancy for Feb. 12. Candidates have been selected, a DFL primary will be held on Jan. 29.

It is a truncated schedule, to be sure, but it is interesting to see that a campaign and election can be held in a much shorter time than regular campaigns typically consume. It sometimes seems like the campaign season begins the day after the regular election. Pundits are already talking about the 2016 presidential campaign, whether Joe Biden or Hillary Rodham Clinton will run, or who will represent the Republicans.

Congressional campaigns, especially House campaigns, are practically non-sotp. The political potshots sent out by the Republican and Democratic National Congressional Committees against office holders of the opposing party have only slowed since the election, but we get several e-mails a week asking whether Rep. Tim Walz, for instance, is going to give Barack Obama a Platinum No-Limit Credit Card on the debt limit.

We think there should be a mandated limit on campaigning, somewhere between the six weeks of the 19A special election and the never-ending campaign of most national and state elections. It would save a lot of time and aggravation.

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