Common sense, not anti-gun

To the editor:

In a recent Journal editorial you stated that the NRA has clout like that is something to be proud of. New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie harshly criticized the National Rifle Association for referring to President Obama’s children in an ad that advocates putting armed guards in schools, calling it “reprehensible” and “wrong.”

“I think it’s awful to bring public figures’ children into the political debate,” Christie said at a press conference. No one knows more about fear mongering and hatred for an opposing opinion than the NRA. Let us not forget that the second amendment’s purpose is clearly stated within the text, and it mentions nothing about tyranny or a tyrannical Government.

“A well-regulated militia” means what it says. The founders knew how costly standing armies could be, so instead of saddling their new country with crushing debt, they elected to have a volunteer force of common workers, homeowners, farmers, and family men ready to defend their homes and lives at a moment’s notice. This is why we have a right to keep our weapons, to be ready to join the call FROM our nation, not AGAINST her.

Now before anyone goes off that I am anti-gun here are some facts. I served 24 years in the military, I own multiple rifles, shotguns and pistols (both semi-auto and revolver) and have hunted all of my life. I also have a Virginia State Concealed Carry Permit and exercise that right so I am about as pro gun ownership as you can get. Now that being said I personally do not believe that the Second Amendment should give anyone the right to purchase and posses a 100 round drum magazine for their AR-15. There is no practical hunting or home defense application for a high capacity magazine.

As for the background checks while I grew up in Minnesota and graduated High School right there in New Ulm I now live in Virginia. The big problem here is that if you go to Gander Mountain to buy a gun you have to do the paperwork and have a background check. If you go to a gun show at any location in Virginia you can purchase any type of weapon you choose, including an AR-15 with a magazine as large as a 100 round drum and as much ammunition as you can possibly carry (1000 rounds plus) and walk out with it immediately with no background check. That has to be fixed so everyone has a background check.

I do not see how even the NRA could oppose this as they themselves called for better mental health records to be made available. The only way a database of any information, including mental health records, is made available is if you do the background check to see if the information is there. While I do not agree with all the measures some are calling for the ones I spoke to here are common sense and not anti Second Amendment.

David Nelson

Fredericksburg, Va.

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