Local riders fare well at hill climb

A number of local snowmobile racers made their presence known Saturday at the Extreme Snowmobile Hill Climb at Golden Gate Campground.

New Ulm’s Tim Stadick, who competed at the World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb in Jackson Hole, Wyo., two years ago, qualified for the event again, winning the Pro Mod 600, 700, and Pro Stock 600 events.

Stadick, Jordan Stank of Stoughton, Wis., and Layne Stank of Menominee, Mich., all qualified Saturday for the World Championship.

Stadick said he gave up his World Championship spot so another driver could go.

“Hopefully, I’ll win my way to the World Championship in the future or another driver will give me their spot,” Stadick said.

Also the race chairman, Stadick said he talked to all drivers after the race and got “two thumbs up” and promises they would return for future hill climbs here.

“Without all the snowmaking efforts by the club, there would not have been a hill climb,” Stadick added. “There were some bent handlebars and steering columns and broken plastic, but that’s normal for a good hill climb.”

“It was a very exciting show, well worth all the work the club did setting it up,” said race chairman Brent Dolly. “I spent a week of 18 hour days making snow. Some club members spent multiple weekends out there clearing out the new hill. Lots of people told me they enjoyed it. There were a few bent handlebars and broken windshields. A few sleds came back down the hill, but nobody was badly hurt. The EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) spent most of their time there enjoying it.”

River Valley Dutchmen Snowmobile Club President Jack Grausam said some snowmobile hill climbers from across the Upper Midwest drove seven or eight hours to get to the event.

“They told us they were surprised at how competitive the local drivers were and how we could make such a challenging hill like this in the flatland,” Grausam said. “Hills like this aren’t made so everyone makes it to the top. Most of the riders were professionals. They’ve got lots of equipment on. Some sleds get banged up, but not many drivers ever do.”

Grausam said an estimated 600 fans watched the hill climb.

(Note: Results of the event sent to The Journal earlier this week included information from past hill climbs, and old raffle results. The correct results are listed below. The River Valley Dutchmen will be holding the drawing for their snowmobile giveaway at a later date.)

Results of the event are as follow:


1 Jordan Stank, Stoughton, Wl

2 Alex Hetteen, Wannaska, MN

3 Jordan Stank, Stoughton, Wl

PRO MOD 800,

1 Jordan Stank, Stoughton, Wl

2 Kory Fasnacht, Madison Lake, MN

3 Kory Fasnacht, Madison Lake, MN


1 Tim Stadick, New Ulm

2 Travis Rymer, Oneida,WI

3 Layne Stank, Menomonee, Ml


1Tim Stadick, New Ulm

2 Tim Stadick, New Ulm

3 Travis Rymer, Oneida, Wl


1 Layne Stank, Menomonee, Ml

2 Mike Kral, New Ulm

3 Jordan Stank, Stoughton, Wl


1 Jordan Stank, Stoughton, Wl

2 Brady Phillips, Mankato, MN

3 Matt Cook, Green Bay, Wl


1 Layne Stank, Menomonee, Ml

2 Matt Cook, Green Bay, Wl

3 Dave Fasnacht, Madison Lake, MN


1 Tim Stadick, New Ulm

2 David Fasnacht, Madison Lake, MN

3 Tim Stadick, New Ulm

120 ec class,

Mallory Anderson, New Ulm

Colton Anderson, New Ulm

Tucker Haala, Sleepy Eye

DJ Kral, New Ulm

Levi Kral, New Ulm

(Fritz Busch can be e-mailed at fbusch@nujournal.com).

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