Our earth in danger

To the editor:

It ‘s that time of year again when our thoughts become centered on pro-life and the treasure of an unborn baby.a time to delve deep for answers to mend fractured habits towards preservation of life.

We are at an imperative time in history that demands we recognize another life issue that looms large. The earth has a fever. With every degree her temperature rises, she becomes more ill and less capable of sustaining nourishing systems. We know how we feel when we get a temperatureWell the earth is connected to her people, and she needs us all to be her doctor. Earth scholars believe that if we can apply needed medicines to combat climate change within the next 5 years, her systems may be salvaged. If not, our future looks bleak.

Land and ocean systems – our food sources – are in jeopardy. Species are endangered and dying – are we not among them? We know that we now grow our own atmosphere, our own sicknesses, our own storms, our own deserts. We also know that we can emulate healthy systems by changing our methods.

We can take to mind the heart of our creator and recognize that all creation is holy – the land, its creatures, plants, peoples, each one of us. Are we not spiritual beings having a human experience, called to bring harmony out of chaos, to seek and own the sacredness within all, to honor creation’s interconnectedness and grow justice and peace?

When earth can no longer keep her permafrost frozen, the methane reservoirs within them will release. Methane is 25 times more potent than carbon.

Earth’s sustaining ability for life is being jeopardized and destroyed by human choices? It is time for all of us to acknowledge the evidence and travel the high road together.

Dee Czech


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