Celeriac hash browns on a salad with a poached egg

There’s nothing like witnessing several months of hard work culminating into one big incredible musical show. My daughter, Daphne, and her band have been rehearsing for four months for this weekend’s performance at The Copa Room in Las Vegas.

Every Saturday, I have driven her over to School of Rock to rehearse with this band. She loves it there. She has made some great friends and has had a few very talented teachers showing her how to improve on what she does best. It’s so nice that she has an amazing place to do something that she is very passionate about.

I wouldn’t know because I have never had any musical talent myslef. I love karaoke, which is unfortunate to those who are listening. I am really good at learning the lyrics but that is about the extent of my talent when it comes to singing. I sing loudly in my car and in the shower. I just can’t carry a tune. I always wished I could sing like she does. I got the next best thing, or maybe even the better thing, by having a talented daughter. Yes, it is definitely the best thing that could have happened to me. I couldn’t even express in words how I feel when she walks out on stage.

Daphne has been singing since she was two years old. She would sing to anyone who would listen. We would eat out at a restaurant and she would perform to the people who were dining. She joined in with bands at weddings or bands on stage. She never had any fear. When she first started singing, I was so nervous. I used to hyperventilate. Seriously! I did. Then, she would walk up to the microphone and begin to sing and my tensions would subside. She was always incredible and better than I ever thought she could be. Now, I am calmer. Now, I am all smiles and appreciation and love. I stand up and wave my arms around, sing out loud with her and dance. Watching and listening to her fills me with joy.

I swear to you, at this very second, Daphne is out to dinner with Claud and Jack and a few of our friends. I had to stay home to finish my article because, once again, I left it to the last minute. She texted me the most amazing message about our unconditional love. Right now, I am a very lucky mother. I am truly blessed.

This weekend, I was able to watch Daphne perform with a band called “Women Who Rock.” They were amazing. Daphne sang several songs, but my favorite was “Brass in Pocket,” by the Pretenders. Daphne has become such an incredible singer over the years. Her talent has blossomed. She is now like a rock star on the stage. She has actually been performing a lot lately in different bands around the city. Last weekend, she was asked at the last minute to sing with the Sin City Sinners at the Hard Rock Caf. I always watch, listen and tear up. The only sad thing about this weekend’s performance with the “Women Who Rock” is that it is over now.

Next weekend, she sings with a group called, “Fantastic Flannel.” This is a group who covers 1990s grunge music. I am really excited to hear her sing some Nirvana songs. I have people coming in from all over to watch this one. This is too exciting.

Because I have been so caught up in all of her performances, I didn’t get a chance to photograph my food until this morning. I decided to make it sort of a breakfast dish since we had to get her over to the venue by 11 a.m. It’s really a brunch dish because it could be breakfast or lunch. It’s easy and light. I incorporated celeriac with the potatoes to make it a little more interesting. I have only ever used celeriac in mashed potatoes in the past. This time, I used it in more of a hash brown form. I hope you will enjoy this one.

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