SE City Council approves zoning change, lot sale

SLEEPY EYE – At a special meeting Thursday, the Sleepy Eye City Council approved resolutions to rezone a lot in the southwest corner of town and pursue purchasing a lot for sale by Brown County without auction on the west end of town, near the Del Monte plant.

The city council approved re-zoning Lot 2, Block 1, Parkview Addition (just north of Sleepy Eye Arena) from multi-family to business-industrial after Pat Bruggemann appealed for the change.

The City of Sleepy Eye will pursue the purchase a lot located at 821 Walnut St. S.W., formerly owned by Teresa Martinez who forfeited it for taxes in 2003.

City Manager Mark Kober said the City would get back a $1,700 2012 Special Assessment and the remaining tax ($4,274.19 including a $2,610 2001 City of Sleepy Eye Special Assessment) would be distributed like other taxes from the lot valued at $9,500.

Kober said the City maintained the property including mowing it for the past 20 years and that he would plead that case if the City decides to buy it from the County.

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