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Tax exemptions

THUMBS SIDEWAYS – Gov. Mark Dayton, in a speech at the Minnesota Newspaper Association this week, was grilled by editors and publishers about extending the state sales tax to newpaper printing, advertising or subscriptions. That was one of a long list of goods and services that would be subject to the state sales tax under Dayton’s plan.

Dayton said he was leery of making a lot of exemptions from his plan to broaden the tax base and lowering the rate. Making a lot of exemptions would undermine the tax rate tradeoff.

We are indeed concerned about the impact that a sales tax on newspapers would have. But we have to admit that exemptions should be few, and should have to be well justified.

It’s not easy trying to reform the state’s tax system. No one wants to look at the big picture, just at how the tax changes will affect them. Dayton has a tough struggle ahead, and he will need to hang tough to make meaningful change happen.

Mr. Wilkommen

THUMBS UP: It will be strange to see a New Ulm Chamber of Commerce Wilkommen Committee visit photo without seeing Chuck Kiecker’s face somewhere in the photo. Kiecker has been on the committee since its founding, and has made over 1,400 welcoming visits over the past 40 years, he estimates.

Kiecker got a surprise farewell reception from his fellow Wilkommen Committee members at the Chamber on Thursday, to mark his retirement from the committee. At the age of 86 he is going to take it easy, he said.

Kiecker deserves thanks for his long service, and we wish him well.

New Journalist

THUMBS UP: The Journal is proud of the accomplishment of city hall reporter Josh Moniz, who received the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s New Journalist of the Year Award for all daily papers at the MNA convention this week.

Moniz has distinguished himself with the quality of his work, his work ethic and his initiative during his stay here. He is the last one to brag about himself, so we’ll do it for him here.

Congratulations, Josh, on a well deserved honor.

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