Rural rallies

We like the suggestions Sen. Gary Dahms made on Friday at the latest Brown County Congress. The Congress, organized by Briding Brown County, is a quarterly gathering of local elected officials and legislators from around the county who meet to discuss common issues and solutions.

Dahms, speaking at the Congress, urged rural people, Democrats and Republicans alike, to get together and travel to the State Capitol for rallies. “Make your voices very loud heard on the Capitol steps. (Rural legislators will) certainly join you,” he said.

There are many issues of particular interest to rural residents – adequate funding for transportation, economic development issues, health care, Local Government Aid, education funding … the list could go on and on.

As population shifts from rural areas to the big cities, representation in the Legislature is shifting there as well. Metro legislators need to know that the rural part of the state isn’t empty, that real people with real needs still live and work here. Getting together and making a big noise would help remind them.

Organizations like Bridging Brown County are a great way to help rural residents of all political stripes to come together and focus on our common concerns.

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