A great experience in New Ulm

To the editor:

I would like to thank the city of New Ulm for the wonderful year my family spent enjoying your community. Exactly one year ago, my daughter was engaged to a Winthrop man with a New Year’s Eve Wedding as the “dream.” In that year, we were introduced to the wonderful businesses, people, and venues of New Ulm. Everywhere, people were receptive, helpful, and positive

I spent about one day a month in New Ulm doing some wedding business and just exploring. We could not have picked a more perfect place for a wedding. Our first call was to Virginia Suker Moldan at Turner Hall. What a wonderful help she was as she put us in contact with Julie Larson, an amazing decorator. Virginia also helped with hotels. Our guests were at the Holiday Inn and Micro-tel. My family was at the Micro-tel. The staff there was wonderful and efficient. The night before the wedding our youngest daughter ended up in the emergency room. We needed fast, sure directions. The people at the Micro-tel were concerned and helpful. (Again your city is blessed. With athletes as daughters, I have been in many emergency rooms. At New Ulm, yours was fast and efficient.)

The chamber was very helpful in finding transportation for our guests and put us in charge of a man I have never met but enjoyed over the phone. He forever will be known in our home as “Dean, the Bus Guy.” His service was incredible. My daughter had many demands, and he met them all. The people all commented on how wonderful and helpful the drivers were.

Our next stop was to get hair done. Remember New Year’s Eve was on a Monday. In Style and the women there came in early and on days off to do our hair. They were wonderful to clients they will probably never see again. Of course, the hair was styled perfectly to each choice of the bridesmaids. Stacy, a stylist there, saw us many times in that year. She was patient and talented all at the same time to please a young bride. We will miss her.

A new florist, A to Zinnea, opened the doors and not only did amazing flowers, but Heather came to Winthrop to help decorate and design the church. She literally went the extra mile to make sure all was perfect. She delivered beautiful arrangements and bouquets.

The weekend of the wedding came. All was perfect. Turner Hall did an amazing job with the food. The set up was beautiful. The service was incredible. We had gluten- free guests who received special food. The Turner ladies were fantastic, and the staff was right there. We had no lines, and our guests were treated very well. My daughter had a ballroom choreographed first dance, and the Turner people cleared the floor fast and efficiently. Every employee was happy and joyful for us even when the dance floor was filled with confetti and the New Year’s Celebration. The final seal on the deal with Turner Hall was the amazing food. How fortunate you are to have such a fun venue for events. Virginia and her staff were amazing people with whom to work and knew exactly where to go for answers to all our questions and needs.

Julie Larson out did herself with the decorations. I was shopping one summer day at the furniture store where I was told Julie would make Turner Hall look like New York. She did. What a talent in your community!

We met people, ate in your restaurants, and shopped in your stores. My daughter rented a beautiful cape and muff from Sisters. The brewery let them take pictures there. I ordered food trays from Hy-Vee. We purchased gas everywhere. The list is endless. Everywhere we went, it was always the same. People were so welcoming and happy for us.

My favorite last story is one that only the young man at Jake’s Pizza and I know. Many times, I would stop at Jake’s, order three pizzas: one to eat, two to wrap and take home. (We do not have a Jake’s.) On Janurary 2, I returned the cape, stopped at the florist and said good -bye to the wonderful friends we had made at Turner Hall. Yes, I made one last stop at Jake’s, and one last time my pizzas were boxed for home. By this time, he knew my story, and he said, “I hope you come back sometime. “

In talking to Virginia, I know that one of the hopes of the Convention Visitors’ Bureau is to promote New Ulm as a regional wedding center. We live an hour and a half away. It was well worth the drive to be welcomed to your terrific city and have such a wonderful wedding. I am so glad we chose New Ulm, and New Ulm chose us. Every business we encountered went the extra mile to help us, feed us, and meet us. Although in our year, I tried to shop and eat in every establishment, I know there are some we missed that equal all we patronized. I just wish we could have met even more of the people of New Ulm. Maybe my next daughter’s wedding.I have two more.

Thanks again to all the special people and businesses we meet and encountered at New Ulm.

Julie Place


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