Public notices, Jan. 31, 2013


(January 31, 2013)



Nehls Park Water


New Ulm Public

Utilities Commission

Notice is hereby given

that sealed Bids will be

received by the New

Ulm Public Utilities

Commission until

10:00 AM on Thurs-

day, February 21,

2013 at the office of

the City Manager at

100 North Broadway in

New Ulm, Minnesota,

at which time they will

be publicly opened and

read aloud, for the fur-

nishing of all labor and

material for the Nehls

Park Water Tower.

Description of Work:

250,000 Gallon Water

Tower, connecting wa-

ter mains, site work,

and electrical.




All in accordance with

Plans and Specifica-

tions prepared by Pro-

gressive Consulting

Engineers, Inc. (PCE)

and available at the of-

fice of PCE, and on

file with the Pat

Wrase, Utilities Plan-

ning and Development

Engineer. Plans and

Specifications incor-

porating the work for

the project may be ex-

amined at the office of


be obtained from PCE,

6120 Earle Brown

Drive, Suite 629, Min-

neapolis, MN for a

non-refundable fee

of $75.00 a set, pay-

able to the Engineer.

Contact Engineer’s Ad-

ministrator, Shelby

Matula, at (763)

560-9133 for plan sets

or questions.

Pre-Bid Conference

will be held at the Wa-

ter Plant at 306 North

German Street on

Thursday, February

14, 2013 at 10:00 AM.

No proposal will be ac-

cepted unless accom-

panied by a certified

check or bid bond for

at least 5% of the

amount of the propo-

sal, payable to the

Owner as a guarantee

that if the proposal is

accepted, the Bidder

will execute and file

the required proper

contract and perfor-

mance bond within five

(5) days after award of

the Contract. Bid and

performance bonds

shall be issued by a

surety company

licensed to do busi-

ness in the State of

Minnesota. The certi-

fied checks of all ex-

cept the two (2) lowest

bidders will be returned

within five (5) days of

the opening of the

bids, and bid bonds

will be canceled as

soon as the perfor-

mance bond and con-

tract are signed. If

after five (5) days, the

Successful Bidder

shall fail to comply

with the provision of

the Contract Docu-

ments, the bid bond

shall be forfeited to the

Owner as liquidated

damages. The bid,

agreement, and bonds

shall be conditioned

upon compliance with

all provision of the bid


Questions and in-

quiries shall be direct


Patrick Wrase, P.E.

Utilities Planning and

Development Engineer

New Ulm Public Utili-


310 First North Street

New Ulm, MN 56073

(507) 359-8264 office

(507) 354-7318 fax


The Owner reserves

the right to reject any

or all bids, to waive

any informality in a

bid, and to make

awards in the interest

of the Owner.


(January 30, 31,






Name/Amendment to

Assumed Name

Minnesota Statutes,

Chapter 333

The filing of an as-

sumed name does not

provide a user with ex-

clusive rights to that

name. The filing is re-

quired for consumer

protection in order to

enable consumers to

be able to identify the

true owner of a busi-


1. List the exact as-

sumed name under

which the business is

or will be conducted:

Dell’s Beauty Nook

2. Principal Place of


112 Ash St. New Ulm,

MN 56073

3. List the name and

complete street ad-

dress of all persons

conducting business

under the above As-

sumed Name, OR if

any entity, provide the

legal corporate, LLC,

or Limited Partnership

name and registered

office address:

Raedell Diane Gersch.

112 Ash St. New Ulm,

MN 56073

4. This certificate is an

amendment of Certifi-

cate of Assumed

Name File Number:


Originally filed on:


Under the name (list

the previous name

only if you are amend-

ing that name):

Dell’ Beauty Nook

5. I, the undersigned,

certify that I am sign-

ing this document as

the person whose sig-

nature is required, or

as agent of the

person(s) whose sig-

nature would be re-

quired who has author-

ized me to sign this

document on his/her

behalf, or in both capa-

cities. I further certify

that I have completed

all required fields, and

that the information in

this document is true

and correct and in

compliance with the

applicable chapter of

Minnesota Statutes. I

understand that by

signing this document

I am subject to the

penalties of perjury as

set forth in Section

609.48 as if I had

signed this document

under oath.

Raedell Diane Gersch

Date Jan. 14, 2013

Raedell Diane Gersch

Dell’s Beauty Nook

Email Address for

Official Notices

Enter an email address

to which the Secretary

of State can forward

official notices required

by law and other no-


check here to have

your email address ex-

cluded from requests

for bulk data, to the

extent allowed by Min-

nesota law.

List a name and day-

time phone number

of a person who can

be contacted about

this form:

Raedell Gersch


Entities that own,

lease, or have any

financial interest in

agricultural land or

land capable of be-

ing farmed must re-

gister with the MN

Dept of Agriculture’s

Corporate Farm Pro-


Does this entity own,

lease, or have any

financial interest in

agricultural land or land

capable of being



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