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Superintendent search

THUMBS UP: It was a bit disappointing that just one person showed up on Monday for a public input session with the consultant who is helping District 88 seek a new superintendent. We’re sure people had a lot of other things going on.

But there is still time for those who want to make their thoughts known on the matter. Ed Waltman, the South Central Cooperative consultant who is working with the district, is still accepting questionnaires. People can fill them out by going to the district’s web site at Click on the “Superintendent Search” link on the home page, then on the questionnaire link on the next page. Questionnaires filled out online will go directly to Waltman.

The District 88 School Board will be making one of its most important decisions when it hires a replacement for Harold Remme later this spring. It will help inform their decision if people let them know what to look for in a superintendent.

Service to Ag

THUMBS UP: Congratulations to Steve and Kerry Hoffman, who were recognized this week as the New Ulm Farm-City Hub Club’s “Service to Agriculture award winners at the Hub Club’s annual banquet.

The Hoffmans are dairy farmers and are good at it. They have been active in the Hub Club, in AMPI?and other farm organizations over the years. And for several years, Kerry has been educating and entertaining Journal readers with her “From the Farm” column, which provides amusing insights into the workings of a farm family.

The Hub Club made a good choice this year with the Hoffmans.

Super Bowl snacks

THUMBS DOWN: The week before the Super Bowl is a special time of year, but a trying time for news organizations. There’s only so much writers and commentators can say about the game, and they have to fill the time with things like asking Randy Moss who’s the best receiver in the history of the NFL and doing genetic analysis of the brothers Harbaugh. This opens the door for foolish features, like the meddling medicos who are so concerned about the nation’s caloric intake on Super Bowl Sunday that they suck all the enjoyment out of the game.

Super Bowl Sunday is, they claim, the second biggest food consumtion day in the nation, right behind Thanksgiving. They send out press releases recounting how many calories are in people’s favorite game snacks, like chips and cheese dip, pizza, buffalo wings and beer. They include information on how many laps of the football field people would have to run to make up for eating one slice of pizza. They encourage us to replace our regular snacks with healthy alternatives, which never sound quite as delicious.

We say that for one day, eating food you enjoy won’t kill you. Just don’t pig out.

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