A big investment in New Ulm

As reported elsewhere in today’s paper, New Ulm Medical Clinic will be undergoing an expansion project this spring to provide more exam rooms for its growing number of patients and physicians.

Allina Hospitals & Clinics is investing $5 million in the project, the latest in a series of projects that have seen the hospital and clinic facilities grow and expand. In the past few years the hospital has been expanded, the emergency room expanded, the cancer treatment center expanded not once but twice, the surgery center expanded, and in a project still underway, the birthing center is growing.

In most of these projects local donors provided a portion of the funding, but the clinic expansion, which will add another 12,000 square feet of space, is being paid for by Allina.

On top of the building expansion projects, of course, Allina has invested a lot of time and money into electronic record keeping, and this has led to the Heart of New Ulm project, an innovative, 10-year project to create a new, proactive approach to keeping New Ulm healthy.

The growth of New Ulm Medical Center, and Allina’s continued investment in the community, is a tremendous benefit to the city, and we are indeed fortunate to have them here.

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