Quist has business experience, will hold, reduce spending

To the editor:

In the upcoming special election for Minnesota State House District 19A, I am looking for a representative who will hold the line on spending in St. Paul and ensure our hard-earned tax dollars are put to the best use. That individual is Allen Quist.

As a small businessman and family farmer, Allen Quist understands the importance of a dollar. Quist believes that the Democrats and Mark Dayton’s proposal of creating a new tax on services and clothing only serves to hurt the average middleclass Minnesotan. Rather than having to pay taxes on getting my hair cut or purchasing school clothes for my children, Quist understands the long-term solution to Minnesota’s budget is to reduce and manage spending.

Minnesota is in desperate need of a legislator who not only understands the importance of a hard work ethic, but also has real-world financial experience. Allen Quist fits the bill on both accounts. On Tuesday, Feb. 12, please join me in sending Allen Quist to St. Paul to fight the Democratic monopoly and ensure our hard-earned dollars stay in our wallets.

Sean T. Fenske

North Mankato

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