Quist is forward-thinking

To the editor:

There are those who think about what is best for the present and there are those who think about what is best for the future.

I have known Allen Quist most of my life. Allen’s family along with my family and I continue to farm land that both of our families have farmed for generations. One thing I remember well is that Allen was one of first farmers in our neighborhood to use conservation tillage and to install grass filter strips to protect the soil so it can provide the crops for his family to survive. All of this was done not only before consumers demanded we farmers stop soil erosion, but Allen was employing these practices when most of us farmers were still using moldboard plows. The above just goes to show how much Allen still cares about protecting the soil and how much he wants to protect the state of Minnesota.

Now there have been other ways in which Allen has been a forward thinker, but this letter illustrates why I encourage you to vote for Allen Quist for state representative, District 19A, on Feb. 12.

Jay Hanson

St. Peter

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