Public Notices, Feb. 7, 2013


(February 6, 7, 2013)





Name/Certificate of

Assumed Name

Minnesota Statutes,

Chapter 333

The filing of an as-

sumed name does not

provide a user with ex-

clusive rights to that

name. The filing is re-

quired for consumer

protection in order to

enable consumers to

be able to identify the

true owner of a busi-


1. List the exact as-

sumed name under

which the business is

or will be conducted:

San Lucas Toliman


2. Principal Place of


1400 – 6th St. North,

New Ulm, MN 56073

3. List the name and

complete street ad-

dress of all persons

conduction business

under the above As-

sumed Name, OR if

an entity, provide the

legal corporate, LLC,

or Limited partnership

name and registered

office address:

The Diocese of New

Ulm 1400 – 6th St.

North, New Ulm, MN


4. I, the undersigned,

certify that I am sign-

ing this document as

the person whose sig-

nature is required, or

as agent of the

person(s) whose sig-

nature would be re-

quired who has author-

ized me to sign this

document on his/her

behalf, or in both capa-

cities. I further certify

that I have completed

all required fields, and

that the information in

this document is true

and correct and in

compliance with the

applicable chapter of

Minnesota Statutes. I

understand that by

signing this document

I am subject to the

penalties of perjury as

set forth in Section

609.48 as if I had

signed this document

under oath.

Michael H. Boyle

Date: January 8, 2013

Michael H. Boyle, Vice


Email Address for

Official Notices

Enter an email address

to which the Secretary

of State can forward

official notices required

by law and other no-


Check here to have

your email address ex-

cluded from requests

for bulk data, to the

extent allowed by Min-

nesota law.


(February 7, 2013)


Milford Township is

seeking quotes for

crushing, loading, and

hauling 5,000 tons

(more or less) of

crushed class 5 gravel

to be placed on Milford

Township roads. The

contractor will be

responsible for weigh

tickets for every load

and must have suffi-

cient equipment to

place the gravel on

township roads in no

more than 10 consecu-

tive business days.

The work shall begin

as soon as road condi-

tions allow and appro-

val by the supervisors.

The work must be

completed by June 14,


Quotes must be re-

ceived by the township

clerk prior to the

February meeting,

which will be held on

February 19, 2013 at

4:00 p.m. Certificate

of insurance, pit loca-

tion and dust suppres-

sion plan for haul road

must be included with

the quote.

Quote may be mailed


Thomas Giefer

Milford Township Clerk

27332 187th Avenue

New Ulm MN 56073

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