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State gun bills

THUMBS UP: The Minnesota Legislature, after holding jam-packed hearings, is taking on several bills related to controlling gun violence.

We know there will be controversy and hard debates on such issues as a ban on assault weapons and limiting magazine sizes, but there are plenty of common sense measures that should be passed, such as making essentital data available for background checks, requiring background checks on all gun purchases, and stiffening penalties for felons found in possession of guns.

These measures would do more to curb gun violence than simply banning various kinds of guns. If necessary, the Legislature should consider these bills for separate passage, rather than try to lump them all into one big gun bill.

Big weekend to celebrate in New Ulm

THUMBS UP: The Fasching and Bock Fest celebrations are taking place today. This is a good time of year for a celebration. It’s cold, it’s dreary and spring is still far enough away to make us wonder if winter will ever?end.

So why not dress up, do a little schunkling to German music, have a brat and a beer and enjoy winter?

Of course, we encourage people to have fun, but celebrate responsibly. There’s nothing that chills a celebration more than an accident.

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