DFL blunder hurts us all

To the editor:

What’s with the DFL? When I read about Terry Morrow’s resignation from the Minnesota House to take a lobbying job in Chicago, I couldn’t help but think of the enormous expense a special election would create for the cities and townships of 19A. Then, it was a shock to hear the DFL Party didn’t schedule its endorsing meeting soon enough to avoid a “contested” primary election, even though the others on the ballot agreed to suspend their campaigns.

This DFL blunder is costing every 19A municipality a lot of totally unnecessary spending. We have way more productive uses for our money.

Terry Morrow’s resignation for greener pastures a mere month after he was elected was also disrespectful to the taxpayers and voters of our area.

The whole situation is just wrong. I work hard for my money. As a taxpayer, I’m tired of being disrespected and having my taxes treated frivolously.

Ronald Schmidt

North Mankato

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