Downtown Snow Removal

To the editor:

Many of us write in to the editor when we want to complain about something that is or isn’t being done. I’ve done that in the past, and I’m sure there will be reasons to do it again in the future.

However, to be fair I am now writing to commend and thank the City Manager, Street Commissioner and all the city workers responsible for the current downtown snow removal policies and actions. In the past, we have waited days after major snowfalls for Minnesota Street to be plowed. Now on the first night snow has been plowed into manageable piles along the street. This at least, allows our customers to park on either side of the snow piles. These piles are then completely removed by the following night.

It was explained that different procedures for snow removal have been tried in the past. If this is the new solution, I’m all in favor of it. Please keep up the good work! This goes along way in helping our downtown be a place to “Shop New Ulm First.” Thank you all, again!

Jerry Chamberlain

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