State of the Union??Still divided

President Barack Obama focused most of his State of the Union Address Tuesday on the issues of the economy and job creation. He called on Congress to join him in a “smarter government” that will attract more jobs without raising the deficit.

Republicans were not exactly jumping on board. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, giving the Republican response after the address Tuesday, called on the president to give up his “obsession with raising taxes.”

In other words, the state of the union is about the same as it has been for quite a while – the president and Congress agreeing on what is good for the country, but at odds on how to proceed with conducting the people’s business.

The big test of the state of the union will come in the next few weeks as our political leaders work on a plan to replace the sequestered budget cuts that will take place in March, a package of arbitrary and punitive cuts that all agree would devastate the economy, impact our defense and hurt education.

If the president and Congress can reach a compromise on this issue, there will be hope that they can to work together on the other tasks that lay before them.

Deeds, not words, will tell us a lot more about the state of the union.

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