SE Council approves wetland option

SLEEPY EYE – The Sleepy Eye City Council unanimously approved a $17,732.25 wetland banking option with David Raney Property of Watonwan County on Tuesday.

The project would replace .66 acres with a 2:1 replacement ratio in the Snow Property Wetland. The project includes a dozen future lot layouts, storm inlet and storm sewer line into a proposed retention pond.

“The costs keep rising every time we deal with it,” said Councilor Dick Zinniel.

“We’re an easy mark to more expenses,” said City Manager Mark Kober. “The ditch already has a culvert in it.”

Other wetland banking options included $4,526.25 to replace .17 acres and constructing .33 acres and filling .333 acres for $17,732.25.

The city council also approved:

Grant applications to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Local and Regional Trail Connections Programs to build .34 miles of paved trail for the Lake Sleepy Eye Bike Trail in the Trunk Highway 4/68 right-of-way in the City of Sleepy Eye with $400,000 in non-state cash matching funds.

Buying Lot 6, Blk 1, Nelson’s 2nd Addition, tax-forfeited land for $9,877.85 including tax and fees. The property located near Del Monte Corp., has an estimated value of $9,500. Kober said $6,090.56 would go back to the City for back taxes so the actual cost would be about $3,793.

Supporting the Coca-Cola Foundation/Keep America Beautiful Bin Grant Program for community parks. Brown County will write and administer the grant for Sleepy Eye, New Ulm and Springfield.

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