No wrestling in Olympics?

The International Olympics Committee has surprised a great many Olympians, Olympics watchers, and fans of traditional sports by tossing the sport of wrestling from the Olympic Games in 2020.

Please note, the Olympic Games are named after Mount Olympus in Greece, home of the Greek gods. Mythology has it that Zeus won his dominant place as head of the gods after defeating his father Cronus in a wrestling match. The poet Homer writes about wrestling in the Iliad. It was a popular sport in ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and just about any other ancient culture you can find. The sport probably got its start with young Cain and Abel. It is about as primal a test of strength, skill and endurance as man has ever devised.

So why would the Olympic Games (based, we assume, on the ancient Greek games) not include wrestling? Especially when the Olympics is going to be adding golf as a sport in 2016. Granted, golf is a very challenging and frustrating game, but you don’t exactly have to be a highly trained athletic specimen to succeed at it.

There are other sports that could be cut and not raise a lather – trampoline, or ping pong, or synchronized swimming. They are tough, physically challenging sports, to be sure, but none have the tradition and universality of wrestling. We hope the IOC?will see the error of its ways.

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