Dist. 84 board discusses budget

SLEEPY EYE – Several District 84 school board members voiced support for full-time counselor and choir director positions Thursday.

“I hear it all the time, make the counseling position at the school full-time,” board member Sheila Schmid said.

Board member Joleen Dittbenner echoed Schmid’s thoughts and said she favored a full-time choir position too.

Superintendent John Cselovszki said the school’s full-time counselor now spends about five days a month at Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s Schools.

“I’d like to see full-time choir and art teachers,” said board member Casey Coulson. “It’s not easy to find good part-time teachers.”

Sleepy Eye High School Choir Director Mary Mulry is .7 FTE (full-time equivalent) and does not plan to return to the school next fall, Cselovszki said.

He said adding a full-time choir counselor, now a .75 FTE position, for fiscal year 2014 would cost another $11,842. Adding a full-time choir director would cost an additional $12,177.

Cselovszki said future staff projections are subject to future enrollment revenue and teacher and staff contract negotiations. He said the district recently added two paraprofessional positions to address student needs, at an annual cost of $26,127.

Based on current district enrollment of 580 students, fiscal year 2013 revenue would be $5,953,878. Cselovszki said with projected fiscal 2013 enrollment of 571 students, revenues would be $54,000 less, $5,899.878.

The board approved:

Resignations of Tracy Bertrand effective at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. She was on a five-year leave of absence with the district. Other resignations came from elementary teacher Gwen Helget effective immediately and para James Glaubitz, who is a licensed teacher and plans to substitute teach.

Hiring Anita Weir as full-time special education instructor for the remainder of the 2012-13 school year @$13,232; Emily Kelly as a long-term 6th-grade substitute teacher for the remainder of the school year @ $14,625 and after-school program instructor @ $21.76/hr.; Nicole Jensen as head volleyball coach, effective 2013-14 @ $3,807; Mary Berdan as long-term substitute at the daily rate while Nicole Jensen is on (Family & Medical Leave Act) FMLA leave.

A $150 donation from Sheila and Dan Schmid for the school library and Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support (PBIS) program.

An environmental consulting agreement with Harbo Consulting Agency at $9,000 per year, from 2013-16.

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