County Board to hear report on going paperless

BROWN COUNTY – Commissioners will review a report from Information Technology Director Rich Meyer identifying costs for the county board to go paperless at its Tuesday meeting.

First-year costs are estimated at $10,710 and $600 in successive years.

Costs include $7,150 for seven laptops. Seven power outlets would need to be installed. Other expenses include a ceiling-mounted projector and cabling, projector screen, document display and cabling and two wi-fi devices.

Software costs are $940 for Microsoft Office for each laptop and Adobe Standard for digitizing materials to PDF and creating PDF bookmarks, $320.

The board will also set a public hearing for Brown County Burn Ordinance revisions. The suggested date is 10:15 a.m., Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at the county board meeting.

After reviewing current county burn regulations with the sheriff’s office, Brown County Fire Chief’s Association and Brown County Planning Commission, planning and zoning staff were encouraged to change the burn ordinance so that brush pile permits would no longer be required. Those wishing to burn would still need to inform Brown County Dispatch of the burn ate and burn location prior to burning brush. Residents would need a New Ulm DNR Forestry Office permit to burn anything other than a brush pile.

The board will also review and approve park caretaker contracts for Treml, Mound Creek and Lost Dog and Fox Hunters County Parks. David Helget at Treml Park and Jeff Hoffmann at Lost Dog and Fox Hunters Park seek a $100 annual contract increase to $4,330 and $4,900 respectively. Gary Schenk at Mound Creek Park seeks a 2 percent 2013 increase, from $10,375 to $10,588.

The county board meeting begins at 9 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 19, at the courthouse.

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