‘I Do! I Do!’ was a delight

To the editor:

I just wanted to share the impressions last Valentine’s Day had on me and my wife, Ellie, when we attended the “dinner theater” concept at the Holiday Inn.

The Holiday Inn did their normal fine job with the food service and their wait-staff made serving 111 people at once look effortless! As expected, the food was very good and the chocolate cake during intermission was a clever and tasty way to fill that open time.

“El” and I enjoy performances of all kinds and were looking forward to seeing a play we had both heard of, but never seen before. The play was, “I Do, I Do,” and it chronicled in song and dialogue the span of a single couple’s lives as husband and wife. Being married for 25 years now, we smiled at the accuracy of the “goo-goo, gah-gah” look in the actors’ eyes as they portrayed the delirium of being newlyweds, and we both got misty-eyed as they introduced the birth of their children into the story. The play really spoke to me and my wonderful marriage and made me think ahead to what is next in our married lives, especially issues of aging together and our sons marrying.

Actors, Janet Holm and Kent Menzel, were wonderful and what a lot of lines to remember with only two players! They captured us with their work and are both very fine actors. Little extras also impressed us, such as adjusting the lights at the piano from shining in our table-mates’ eyes during intermission and the cheerful greeting at the ticket-taking table.

The event appeared to be a collaboration of the Holiday Inn and NUACT (New Ulm Actors Community Theater) and we look forward to attending more of these productions. For what it’s worth, “hats off to all involved.” Anytime a play can touch us like that emotionally, is a time well-spent!

Terry Sveine

An Emotional, Middle-aged Fool

New Ulm

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