Pick state poem based on merit

There’s always a point in each legislative session when the serious bills are making their way through committee hearings, leaving time for legislators to introduce less serious legislation.

Thus we get the blueberry muffin declared the state muffin, the morel declared the state mushroom, milk is the official state drink… Now a legislator has introduced a bill to establish a state poem – “Minnesota Blue” by Cordell Keith Haugen, a former Minnesotan who now resides in Hawaii, where he writes songs and poetry. Sen. Bruce Anderson, R-Buffalo introduced the bill to declare this somewhat schmaltzy paean to Haugen’s boyhood home as the state poem.

We thnk if there’s going to be a state poem it should be one with unquestioned artistic merit.

If we’re going to have a state poem, let’s hold a state poem contest. Let Haugen and anyone else who wants to submit their work, let a panel of literary types winnow them down to a top ten, and let the people read them and vote for their favorite.

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