Carp keep showing up in state rivers

Another silver carp, the kind of invasive fish that gets agitated and leaps from the water when motor boats go by, was caught in the Mississippi River this week, in Pool 6 near Winona. A commercial fisherman netted an 18-pounder.

While one fish does not mean the species has established a breeding population, this catch raises the alarm once again that the silver carp and other asian carp are making their way into Minnesota, and unless the state takes steps to stop them, they could overwhelm our state waters.

This is the farthest north that one of the four asian carp species has been caught in Minnesota.

State and federal governments are exploring solutions, from electric and bubble barriers to closing locks on the river to prevent them from swimming upstream.

It is important that states in the upper Midwest and federal officials work closely together to stem this threat. Not only Minnesota, but the Great Lakes are threatened by these fish. These species of fish not only present a threat to boaters, like the silver carp, they threaten the ecosystem, driving out native species who can’t compete for food.

Each time one of these fish show up, it sounds a warning to government regulators that they can’t afford to mull and harrumph around the issue. Action is needed, and quickly.

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