Sequester blame game

Politicians and government officials from both parties were busily attacking each other on Sunday, hitting the talk shows to blame the other side for the sequester cuts that are coming nearer and nearer.

On March 1, unless some grand bargain is reached, this list of cuts will take effect, cuts that were originally designed to be so unpalatable that Congress and the administration would have to reach another agreement.

So far, this agreement has been put off time and again as the Republicans and Democrats continue to argue.

The Obama administration has been busy putting the worst possible face on the cuts. If they occur, poor little children will go hungry, the food we buy will go uninspected and doubtless contain all manner of harmful microbes, soldiers will run out of bullets, airport security will falter, national parks will shut down, and our economy will plunge into another recession.

When you look at the cuts, however, less than three percent of the national budget would be cut. THREE PERCENT! If the federal government can’t find a way to trim three percent from its spending without sending us back into the stone age, then we are governed by idiots.

We expect that the hand wringing and blaming will reach a peak this week, just before a compromise deal is reached to make some minor cuts and push the issue off another month or two, so we can go through this miserable exercise again.

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