Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Good year for Progress
THUMBS UP: The Journal just published its Progress Edition on Friday, an issue where we look back on the year just past, and the year ahead to see what’s going on.
Like every year, there are ups and downs, but usually more ups. It is always a bit surprising to see just how much does happen in town throughout the year.
This year we were pleased to see a number of advances in the industrial sector, where Palm?Beach Marinecraft, for example, has really turned things around, and is making and selling more boats. Parker-Hannifin has also been turning things up, especially in the manufacture of motors for electric vehicles.
New Ulm is blessed with a diverse collection of manufacturing businesses.

Worthy of study
THUMBS UP: It is kind of flattering when a professor of music from the University of Vienna comes to New Ulm to study our take on the German musical traditions.
This past week Dr. Rudolf Pietsch, who teaches in Austria at the renowned University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and his student Marie Tress Stickler spent some time in the B&L?Bar listening to polkas and old-time music played in the New Ulm style. They are interested in how the musical traditions local settlers brought from Germany have developed over the years, no doubt comparing it to the musical styles played in other communities with German traditions, and in Germany itself.
We suppose anyone can study and write about Mozart in Vienna, but you have to come to New Ulm if you want to learn about Whoopee John or Fezz Fritsche.

Highway 14 bill
THUMBS UP: The Minnesota House Transportation Policy Committee set aside a bill this week to require the Highway 14 expansion to be included in the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s 20 year plan. The bill, like its Senate companion, will be considered as part of the Omnibus Transportation Bill.
We’re sure the Highway 14 Partnership will be keeping a close eye on this legislation, and we again encourage all area residents to contact legislators about the importance of this issue.

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