‘UnSession’ worth a try

Among the ideas Gov. Mark Dayton proposed in his State of the State speech this month was the idea of an “UnSession.” It’s an idea worth trying.

The UnSession, as envisioned by Gov. Dayton, would be a partial return to the system before 1972, when the Legislature met in even-numbered years to pass a budget and other necessary laws, then went home. A consitutional amendment approved in 1972 called for the Legislature to meet in odd-numbered years as well, to pass a bonding bill and deal with emergencies. Since then, the odd-year session has become an extension of the even year, with legislators revising the budget, proposing new spending programs and any other law that comes up.

Dayton proposed that the Legislature limit its work in the odd-numbered years to passing a bonding bill, to dealing with emergencies, and focusing the rest of the session on making government more efficient by repealing or fixing obsolete and redundant laws and government regulations that keep the state from operating well.

It’s a great idea, and we hope they give it a try, but in this political atmosphere it’s hard to get the Legislative caucuses to agree to much of anything, let alone refrain from proposing and passing new legislation.

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