Teamwork prevails – again

So it’s 5 a.m. Wednesday morning and I still have no idea what topic I am going to use to fill this page. I have verbally committed to having it submitted by 5 p.m. Wednesdays, but that doesn’t always work out.

I have been extremely busy since Monday, which is the day I start mentally composing and arranging into an interesting read.

I know. I know. Sometimes I am not all that successful when it comes to the interesting part.

It just so happens that sometimes, for some reason, things tend to work out and I find that stressing over a topic doesn’t really help all that much.

I had originally planned to spend Tuesday hammering away at my keyboard, but I just felt the need to commit my time to another important part of my life.

I recently accepted a part-time job and could spend the day Tuesday at that job. But Steve was going to be gone for two days, so I decided last week to stay home Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I had a list of tasks I wanted to finish.

I wanted to put away all the bulk cereal and crackers filling up valuable countertop space in my kitchen.

I wanted to vacuum the entire house.

I knew the dishes inside the dishwasher were giving off a pungent odor. I had opened the dishwasher door and just about passed out. I wanted to load the stockpiled plates, cups and silverware so I could run the super-hot, super-dee-dooper-clean wash cycle.

I wanted to sit in front of my computer and type this column in a relaxed fashion, rather than punching it out Wednesday a.m. Although, I must admit, being under a time crunch often leads to a better column containing a bit more humor. (I don’t think that’s working this week.)

Go figure.

But the guilty fairies were circling around my head, and I volunteered to go to work to assist for just a few hours.

It just so happens, on the day we purchased the bulk cereal I previously mentioned, Russell happened to purchase a bulk vehicle. He just had to have the car. I am assuming he thought this particular SUV would add the dandy to his handy.

Because Steve was absent, I would be driving Russell to the dealership, on the day I already volunteered to spend a few more hours at my job. And we wouldn’t want Russell to be without his handy dandy.

No person on this great planet should pass on the opportunity to take his or her son (or daughter) to purchase his very first “official” vehicle. I had to go. He has been such an awesome kid throughout his life; I was obligated to contribute a few dollars toward his purchase. It was all part of an agreement we signed back in 2006.

Russell was absolutely giddy! I think he had a perma-grin all the way to the car dealership and when he passed me on the highway on the way home, he still was smiling from ear to ear.

Anyway, Wednesday morning, my alarm buzzed promptly at 4:45 a.m. I still hadn’t started putting my thoughts to paper, which is why I didn’t sleep a wink. Steve was already out the door, which is odd because he wasn’t supposed to be milking, but he was unable to ascertain whether he found a replacement for his shift. So, “when you don’t know, out to the barn you go.”

All of a sudden I heard Brandon Hawkins drive in the yard. That was all I needed to relieve some stress concerning this column.

I could ask Steve if he would allow me to return to the house to pick away at my computer keys for just a few minutes.

And that exactly what he did.

I will still have to go out early to finish milking with Brandon, but then they have to leave. Steve to the AMPI board meeting and Brandon to sitting behind a desk learning his reading, writing and arithmetic. Oh, I better make that reading, writing and calculus.

So, once again, unexpected team work prevails at the Hoffmans’ Dairy Farm. I don’t know why we get stressed when it comes to getting all our work done.

In the end, it all falls into place.

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