Public Notices, March 4, 2013


(February 25, March

4, 2013)





Notice is hereby given

to qualified voters of

Milford Township,

Brown County, State

of Minnesota that the

Annual Election of Off-

icers and Annual Meet-

ing will be held on

Tuesday March 12,

2013. In case of incle-

ment weather, the

meeting and election

may be postponed un-

til Tuesday, March 19,


The Election Poll hours

will be open from 5:00

p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at

which time the voters

will elect a supervisor

for a term of 3 years.

The polls will be at the

River Valley Dutchmen

Snowmobile Club loca-

tion at 24927 Main

Street in Essig.

The Annual Meeting

will commence at 8:15

p.m. to conduct all

necessary business

prescribed by law, to

review the past year

activities, and discuss

or take action on other

items that should be

considered. The Annu-

al Meeting will be held

in the Milford Town-

ship Hall, which is lo-

cated at 20837 U.S.

Highway 14.

Immediately following

the meeting the Board

of Canvass will con-

vene and certify the

results of the Annual

Town Election.

Thomas Giefer

Milford Township Clerk

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