Where is the Republican Plan?

To the editor:

This is in response to a column by Senate Minority Leader David Hann (R-Eden Prairie) (“Dayton’s new taxes on Minnesota families” – Jan. 31).

Sen. Hann commented on Dayton’s budget plan containing a broadening and lowering of the state sales tax, and stated Republicans would never raise you taxes because “Minnesota will enjoy the same government services as before just at a higher price.”

Oh really? Sen. Hann must be using the “new” math to come to that conclusion. The article contains no alternative tax plan, only the Republican time-tested message of continually lowering taxes and regulations, and “you still get everything you want from government.”

Minnesota has been cutting taxes since the Ventura and Pawlenty administrations, and balancing budgets by pushing off school payments, one-time money, borrowing from the tobacco settlement and cutting aid to cities, like New Ulm. Cutting aid to cities results in cost shifting to property taxes to pay for city services and public schools that are pushing some people out of their homes. Lower income and sales taxes do not always lead to a better economy. Ask Wisconsin.

Let’s hear the Republican alternate plan but it wasn’t in this article only “Republicans oppose raising taxes on families to balance our budget.” So you can have good schools, plowed roads, all your government services and lower taxes. Wow, who wouldn’t want that?

Vincent Graziano

St. Paul

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