Not enough young people

To the editor:

Our government is finding that we are not replacing the population with young people so we are looking at giving citizenship to our illegal immigrants. Certainly some of our illegal immigrants would be productive citizens. Some of them are not. Immigrants on welfare are a burden to the taxpayer, some have a criminal record… we might do well without them as well. There is an established way of gaining citizenship. Maybe we should gear that a little higher.

That we are short of young people is verified by the schools banding together. Our Social Security system is in trouble because we don’t have enough wage earners to fund the recipients. We constantly talk about taxing the rich, sounds good and brings in the votes, but the rich are paying 71 percent of the total taxes now and they are the only ones that have enough money to invest in productive development that create jobs and produce products that keep our present standard of living.

Are we doing the right thing by killing so many babies with encouraging abortion? Same sex marriages will not do much to add to our young population. May our immigration laws need a looking at as well. Our parents and their parents populated the nation with productive citizens and we had statesmen populating our government offices. This is what built our nation which we are enjoying. We had more productive people pulling the wagon and very few riding in the wagon, now the wagon is loaded and is getting too heavy for the few pulling the wagon.

Lerry Peichel

Sleepy Eye

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