Police seek information on day care incidents

SPRINGFIELD – The Springfield Police Department is requesting the public keep an eye out for suspicious activity and individuals around day care centers after an incident on Wednesday.

The department received a phone call from a day-care provider, who was not identified in the report, regarding a black Saturn with dark windows parked half a block away from the day care. The caller reported a male driver using a “long range style camera” with it pointed towards the day care as the children were playing outside. After approximately 10 minutes, the car left the scene.

The day-care provider reported having received a call about three weeks ago from a man claiming to work for Pampers. The man attempted to ask questions about the children. Pampers denies any knowledge of the calls.

The day-care provider also mentioned hearing about a similar situation in Gaylord.

The situation mirrors seven incidents reported in February in Sibley County. A man was reported to have made calls claiming to be from Pampers in a similar manner to day-care centers. A man was also seen taking pictures of children at day-care centers in Sibley County. At the time of these incidents, Sibley County Sheriff’s Office reported the two types of incidents appeared to be unrelated.

Springfield Chief John Nicholson said his department is unsure if the recent incidents are related. He asks that anybody with information about the incident call the police. The number to contact the Springfield police is 507-723-3514.

The public is cautioned not to give out any personal information to suspicious callers. Police also request that suspicious behavior be reported to the department. If a vehicle is involved, attempts to get the license plate number are encouraged.

(Josh Moniz can be e-mailed at jmoniz@nujournal.com)

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