Spicy Salmon Tacos

Tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox. Equinox is a Latin word meaning equal night. So, it is supposed to be the day when the daytime and the nighttime are the most equal. We are finally getting more daylight and sunshine, which I really love. Temperatures will begin to rise, flowers will blossom and birds will sing more.

It’s already really hot here in Las Vegas. In fact, we spent today out by the pool. Our pool heater is broken so Daphne was the only one brave enough to swim. She is crazy.

Spring always gets me motivated to eat healthier, get outdoors more, and exercise. Shorts and bathing suits are a lot less forgiving than a winter coat and jeans. Bathing suit season is great motivation to eat right. Grilling is a great way to eat healthy foods.

I can’t wait to start grilling again. We didn’t grill at all throughout the winter. I love to grill red peppers, asparagus, onions, and all sorts of vegetables. I even grill potatoes in foil. I’m pretty sure The Grothem’s taught me that one. I just season them up and put in a touch of butter and pop them on the grill wrapped in foil. They are always so good.

One year, we had to grill the turkey for Thanksgiving when our oven was broken. That was hilarious and nerve-racking for my mother. Claud loves to grill any type of meat.

I usually do all of the grilling around here. So, the grill is usually covered with tons of vegetables. Grilled vegetables are so delicious, especially eggplant. I usually season the eggplant and pour on a lot of olive oil and grill them until they are almost crispy. They are tasty. Unfortunately, the eggplant soaks up so much oil and this isn’t the healthiest way to eat it. However, last night I learned a new way to cook eggplant.

Some friends of ours had us over to their new house last night for wine and snacks. They wanted to show us their new place. It was such a treat for us. They put out the most delicious cheeses and Parma ham with crackers. Then, Michael served up some seared scallops and sauted mushrooms. He took porcini mushrooms and sauted them in butter. That was all he did and they were the most delicious mushrooms I had ever eaten. It was warm enough to sit outside. So, we ate our food out in the fresh air. Then, towards the end of the evening, they served us the most incredible thinly sliced eggplant which he sauted in a touch of olive oil and tons of soy sauce. They were simple and so tasty. I will definitely cook eggplant this way at my house. The eggplant soaks up the soy sauce and tastes amazing. I’d even add some sesame seeds. Now I am getting hungry. Sitting out by their pool in the evening, sipping wine, and eating a light meal of tasty snacks made me feel like spring is in the air. It was so nice.

I didn’t want to let that feeling end just yet. So, tonight I made us some delicious spicy salmon fish tacos and we ate them outside just as the sun was setting. I have made fish tacos in the past but these were a bit different. Last time, I fried the fish and used a sour cream sauce to drizzle on the fish. These fish tacos are lighter and healthier. I am not going to fry the fish. I am grilling them. My outside grill isn’t quite ready for use yet. Well, I am just too lazy to go out there and clean it. So, I have this grill skillet I used instead. I am going to use salmon and rub the fish with taco seasoning, which is not so traditional. Usually, a white flaky fish is used in fish tacos. I had a fish taco in Mexico made with salmon years ago and I really loved it. Instead of using a sour cream sauce, I made a tangy avocado spread to place on top. Everyone really liked them except for Jack who wouldn’t even try one. Oh well.

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