New Ulm track competes in Mankato

MANKATO – The New Ulm Eagles opened their track and field season Friday at the South Central Conference Indoor Meet at Bud Myers Field House at Minnesota State University in Mankato.

The first indoor meet gave the Eagles’ boys and girls teams a chance to get ready for the outdoor season and get a look at live competition.

The meet also gave the coaching staff an opportunity to see the progress of their athletes and gauge the potential of the newcomers.

Despite not being able to get outside much this spring, New Ulm managed to finish with a handful of top finishes and many more personal bests.

For the girls, Bree Friedman finished in the top six in the 60-meter hurdles. Michaela Howk’s 1:13.3 in the 400-meter gave her a sixth-place finish. In the throws, Bridget Forst finished with a fifth-place finish with a throw of 29-feet-5 inches. Seventh grader Morgan Eikanger is setting the pace for the distance crew as she shaved of 12 seconds in the mile as she finished with a time of 6:25.

For the boys, the 4×800-meter relay team (Blake Piotter, Riley Drahota, Matt Hartley, and Aaron Stark) led the boys teams with a first-place finish in 9:22.6, nearly six seconds faster than the second-place finishers Waseca.

Other highlights for the boys team came from Stark in the 800-meter with a second-place finish with a time of 2:09.2 behind Waseca’s Shane Streich.

Drahota’s solid early season time of 56.4 gave him a second-place in the 400-meter. Eighth-grader Jordan Hillesheim finished the day with three top five performances in the high jump (5-4), long jump (17-9), and 200-meter (25.7). Mike Dickinson also took second in the shot put with a throw of 41-feet-5 inches.

“Overall the boys and girls had a great day,” Ortmann said. “Today gives the kids an opportunity to compete and perform and also gives the coaches a great idea where the kids are at. We had some strong finishes by our boys and girls. All and all, it was a pretty good meet.”


4×800-METER RELAY: 1-St. Peter 10:47.3; 2-Waseca 11:07.1; 3-Fairmont 11:08.8; 4-St. James 11:15.7.

60 HURDLES: 1-Schultz (F) 10.0; 2-Grangenett (BEA) 10.1; 3-Emily Lind (SP) 10.5; 4-Leichtnam (F) 10.8; 5-Camilla Bjelland (SP) 10.9; 6-Bree Friedman (NU) and Wegner (F) 11.0.

60 METERS: 1-Skylee Bell (BEA) 8.2; 2-Nordby (SJ) 8.3; 3-Voss (F) 8.5; 4-Chloe Bachman (SP) 8.5; 5-Romain (W) 8.6; 6-Riley (F) 8.7.

SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY: 1-Blue Earth Area 4:30.1; 2-St. James 4:40.3; 3-Waseca 4:48.5; 4-Fairmont 5:06.3.

1,600 METER RUN: 1-Sally O’Brien (W) 5:41.3; 2-Maggie Anderson (SP) 6:05.6; 3-Fischer (F) 6:06.3; 4-Burke (W) 6:06.6; 5-Kulseth (W) 6:10.6; 6-Haugen (F) 6:18.2.

4×200 RELAY: 1-Blue Earth Area 1:54.18; 2-Fairmont 1:58.1; 3-St. James 2:00.4; 4-Waseca 2:01.6.

400 METERS: 1-Amelia Collier (SJ) 1:09; 2-Ostlie (F) 1:11.4; 3-Voss (F) 1:12.3; 4-Tetzlaff (BEA) 1:12.4; 5-Norman (BEA) 1:13.2; 6-Michaela Howk (NU) 1:13.3.

60 LOW HURDLES: 1-Leichtnam (F) 10.7; 2-Camilla Bjelland (SP) and B. Wegner (F) 10.8; 4-Jones (F) 10.9; 5- Lexi Johnson (NU) 11.2; 6-Hagedorn (BEA) 11.5.

800 METERS: 1-Aubrey Highum (W) 2:34.3; 2-Aryn Ekstrom (SJ) 2:35.3; 3-Sally O’Brien (W) 2:37.4; 4-Ella Wiebusch (SP) 2:38; 5-Sally Morrow (SP) 2:39; 6-Johnson (F) 2;51.6.

200 METERS: 1-Devon Flohrs (SJ) 29.31; 2-Lokensgard (SP) 30.5; 3-Tetzlaff (BEA) 30.6; 4-Killian (W) 30.83; 5-Hedlund (SJ) 31.2; 6-Romain (W) 31.4.

4×400 RELAY: 1-Blue Earth Area 4:13.9; 2-St. Peter 4:33.3; 3-St. James 4:41.9; 4-Fairmont 4:48.5.

SHOT PUT: 1-Emily Hurley (SJ) 37-feet-7.5; 2-Schlueter (W) 33-8; 3-Lardy (F) 31-0; 4-Wegner (F) 30-2; 5-Bridget Forst (NU) 29-5; 6-Spangler (W) 28-9.

LONG JUMP: 1-Benson (F) 15-feet-7; 2-Schultz (F) and Marta Springer (SP) 15-6.25; 4-Flohrs (SJ) 15-4.5; 5-Halla Dontje Lindell (SP) 15-1.25; 6-Bell (BEA) 14-7.25.

HIGH JUMP: 1-Katy Hedlund (SJ) 4-feet-10; 2-Thiesse (F) 4-10; 3-Lind (SP) 4-10; 4-Darrington (BEA) 4-8; 5-Miller (W) and Rollins (W) 4-8.

POLE VAULT: 1-Leichtnam (F) 7-feet-6

TRIPLE JUMP: 1-Schultz (F) 33-8.5; 2-Bearson (F) 32-6.25; 3-Linden (SP) 32-1; 4-Diedrich (W) 30-5.5; 5-Chulupnik (SP) 27-8.25; 6-Miller (W) 27-0.75.


4×800-METER RELAY: 1-New Ulm (Blake Piotter, Riley Drahota, Matt Hartley, Aaron Stark) 9:22.6; 2-Waseca 9:30.1; 3-St. James 9:30.2; 4-Fairmont 9:45.1.

60 HIGH HURDLES: 1-Barnes (F) 9.7; 2-Brandon Olson (BEA) 9.8; 3-Kelly (F) 9.9; 4-Eykyn (W) 10.1; 5-Tevin Mooter (NU) 10.8; 6-Fritz Rieke (NU) 11.2.

60 METERS: 1-Nick Beattie (BEA) 7.2; 2-Sean O’Connell (SP) 7.3; 3-Fruechte (F) 7.4; 4-Taylor Olson (BEA) 7.48; 5-Willette (F) 7.6; 6-Dahle (W) 7.70.

SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY: 1-St. James 4:03.9; 2-Fairmont 4:07.7; 3-Waseca 4:11.9; 4-Blue Earth Area 4:24.1.

1,600 METER RUN: 1-Shane Streich (W) 4:32.3; 2-C. Streich (W) 5:11.7; 3-Cody Vacek (SP) 5:13.1; 4-Wilkening (W) 5:19.3; 5-Nick Pietila (SP) 5:20.4; 6-Johnson (F) 5:20.8.

4×200 RELAY: 1-Fairmont 1:42.2; 2-Blue Earth Area 1:43.4; 3-St. James 1:44.6; 4-New Ulm 1:53.5.

400 METERS: 1-Fruechte (F) 54.2; 2-Riley Drahota (NU) 56.4; 3-Alberto Ocampo (BEA) 57.43; 4-Peterson (F) 58.6; 5-Will Springer (SP0 58.2; 6-Tonsager (SJ) 61.1.

60 INTERMEDIATE HURDLES: 1-Slaughter (F) 9.3; 2-Brandon Olson (BEA) 9.4; 3-Kelly (F) 9.7; 4-Eykyn (W) 9.8; 5-Fritz Rieke (NU) 10.2; 6-Jacob Johnson (BEA) 10.3.

200 METERS: 1-Sean O’Connell (SP) 24.1; 2-Willette (F) 25.0; 3-Erickson (F) 25.1; 4-Jordan Hillesheim (NU) 25.7; 5-Alberto Campo (BEA) 25.8; 6-Schlomann (F) 26.0.

800 METERS: 1-Shane Streich (W) 2:04.9; 2-Aaron Stark (NU) 2:09.2; 3-Highum (W) 2:11.3; 4-Chacon (SJ) 2:12.6; 5-Piotter (NU) 2:13.9; 6-Sunblad (F) 2:18.8.

4×400 RELAY: 1-Fairmont 3:44.6; 2-St. James 3:52.4; 3-Blue Earth Area 4:03.6; 4-New Ulm 4:22.6.

SHOT PUT: 1-Martin (F) 43-feet-2.5; 2-Mike Dickinson (NU) 41-5; 3-Torres (SJ) 40-4; 4-Brad More (BEA) 39-9.5; 5-Danny Krieger (BEA) 38-9.5; 6-Grove (SJ) 38-2.

LONG JUMP: 1-Sean O’Connell (SP) 19-feet-10; 2-Taylor Olson (BEA) 18-9.25; 3-Nick Shure (BEA) 17-11; 4-Nelson (St. James) 17-10.25; 5-Jordan Hillesheim (NU) 17-9; 6-Dahle (W) 17-0.75.

HIGH JUMP: 1-Miguel Gonzalez (SJ) 5-feet-10; 2-Brandts (SJ) 5-10; 3-Barnes (F) 5-10; 4-Subbert (F) 5-6; 5-Aaron Stark (NU) and Jordan Hillesheim (NU) 5-4.

POLE VAULT: 1-Brandon Olson (BEA) and Kelly (F) and Miguel Gonzalez (SJ) 9-feet; 4-Larson (F) 9-0; 5-Hoy (W) 8-0; 6-Johnson (BEA) 8-0.

TRIPLE JUMP: 1-Sean O’Connell (SP) 41-0.5; 2-Shure (BEA) 38-6.5; 3-Tevin Mooter (NU) 37-11.5; 4-Barnes (F) 37-8.5; 5-Hoy (W) 36-8; 6-Olson (BEA) 36-1.5.

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