Reinke takes over as Kaiserhoff manager

NEW ULM – Tim Reinke has accepted the position of manager of New Ulm Kaiserhoff for the upcoming baseball season.

He succeeds Dave Curry and Dave Wolf, who co-managed Kaiserhoff last season.

“I look at the job as an opportunity and a fun experience to get re-connected with some of the kids who I coached throughout junior baseball in New Ulm,” said Reinke, who will be assisted by Dale Schlottmann. “I do not think that we are rebuilding, but there seems like there is somewhat of a youth movement and maybe we can regain some competitiveness.”

Reinke said that he would like to see the team implement “more small-ball.”

“New Ulm baseball has been all about being competitive and proud of the team that we are putting on the field,” Reinke said. “We want to find unique and creative ways to manufacture runs.”

If any player is interested in playing Kaiserhoff baseball this summer you can contact Reinke at 359-1830.

Next season big baseball year

While the 2013 amateur baseball season has not yet begun, plans are in the works for a 2014 baseball celebration.

That year will mark several baseball anniversaries here in New Ulm.

The year 2014 will mark the 80th anniversary of the first New Ulm High School baseball team and the first American Legion State Baseball Championship for New Ulm.

It is also the 75th anniversary of the first game at Johnson Park and the first night game there.

And it is also the 75th anniversary of the New Ulm Brewers, who were originally called the “Westerners” before that.

It will also mark 68 years since New Ulm Cathedral (formerly called Holy Trinity) started high school baseball.

Next year also marks 50 years since New Ulm Cathedral won the Minnesota State Catholic Baseball Championship and New Ulm Kaiserhoff also celebrates its 45th anniversary, as it replaced the New Ulm Millers back in 1969.

Minnesota Valley Lutheran will mark its 35th year of high school baseball.

The New Ulm Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame will be 25 years old next year.

There is a city-wide celebration being planned for next year throughout the summer and involving amateur and all three high school teams.

Stay tuned for more information.

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