Gay marriage media bias?

To the editor:

Has The Journal now joined the left wing media bias in support of gay marriage? Over a week has passed since the upper front page article on a couple’s lawsuit against CA’s Proposition 8. I’m waiting for The Journal to afford equal top front page space from a traditional married couple of one man and one woman who voted for Proposition 8. Or go to anyone else from the 41 states that affirm that marriage is between a man and a woman or go to any of the 30 states that have protected our society with state constitutional amendments confirming the God-ordained definition of marriage.

No amount of lawsuits can change the fact that society needs children and children need a mom and a dad. As the young girl so eloquently asked the legislators, “Who can I live without, my mom or my dad?” Without traditional marriage, we would be one generation away from no more children being born. You can’t redefine marriage just like you can’t redefine the composition of water.

Gay activists like to use the idea of choice in marrying someone of the same sex. Yes, it is your choice to sin against God’s 6th commandment. People have a choice to steal also (7′ corn.). Does that make the choice of stealing OK? People have a choice to kill and commit murder (5th corn.), whether through abortion or violence. Does that make the choice of killing OK?

What is the next step in the gay marriage definition of marriage? Can two men and a woman get married? How about one man and three women? Or maybe a man and his dog or cat that he loves so much? Where will it stop?

Maybe The Journal could find a married couple (1 man & 1 woman) someplace who would be willing to comment on how legalizing gay marriage is harmful to society in general and submit it for front page publication. Here are ten examples of harmful effects that would occur immediately or over time with a legalization of gay marriage. 1) Taxpayers, consumers, and businesses would be forced to subsidize homosexual relationships. 2) Schools would teach that homosexual relationships are identical to heterosexual ones. 3) Freedom of conscience and religious liberty would be threatened. 4) Fewer people would marry. 5) Fewer people would remain monogamous and sexually faithful. 6) Fewer people would remain married for a lifetime. A Dutch study found that the average male homosexual partnership lasted only 1.5 years. 7) Fewer children would be raised by a married mother and father. 8) More children would grow up fatherless. 9) Birth rates would fall. 10) Demands for legalization of polygamy would grow.

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Myron Fluegge

New Ulm

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