Potato and Chicken Salad

Oh my goodness, all I am hearing from my friends in southern Minnesota is that winter won’t go away. I can’t believe how winter is overstaying its welcome. What a horrible guest. Well, is it ever really all that welcome anyway? Just think about how amazing summer will be after all of this. Maybe that’s not consolation enough. I’m not sure.

Just think, you now have an amazing excuse to avoid any spring-cleaning. You still don’t have to mow the lawn either. So, that’s another chore off of your list. OK, shoveling snow might not be more fun. I guess I just can’t sugar coat it. The long winter must be a real downer. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a silver lining for the continuous snow. If anyone thinks of one, let me know.

In the meantime, you can begin eating like it is spring. Actually, you really should. You don’t want your body to have to deal with another month of winter food. Even though it isn’t shorts, skirts, and sandals weather, it will be soon. You will be showing your arms and legs before you know it. So, why not start eating lighter? I know when it is really cold and snowy outside; I want to eat warm, heavy, high calorie comfort foods. However, you might not want to continue doing this so far into April or you’ll never want to head out to the beach at Lake Hanska in your bikini. Believe me, you are going to want to spend some time at the lake soon. Wouldn’t it be nice to take off your cover up?

Well, my suggestion is to start making salads for dinner. I don’t mean just a bit of lettuce and tomato. You don’t want to be hungry in another half hour. Instead, I am talking about a real hearty and filling salad. This is the type of salad that will satisfy you for the rest of the evening. I try to make salads like this for my family at least once a week. Sure, these salads do involve some lettuce but then I bulk them up with beans, salmon or chicken.

Yesterday, I made this very type of salad for a late lunch. This was a real meat and potatoes salad because I included potato salad and chicken. This would be a perfect salad for this winter-like spring you are having. It’s not heavy like a casserole but it isn’t super light like a simple green salad. It’s right in the middle. You could substitute the chicken with any type of meat or fish.

I just sort of made up this salad because I wanted to make potato salad into a meal. I had a lot of potatoes that I needed to use up. So, I came up with potato and chicken salad. It’s super easy to make. I usually make a very light salad dressing with lemon juice and maybe some olive oil. Sometimes, I don’t even use oil at all. This time, I went a little more traditional for the potato salad feel and used mayonnaise and mustard in the dressing. So, this isn’t the lowest calorie salad you could ever eat. Oh well. This seemed appropriate for a white cold spring.

I was able to make it vegetarian for the kids and with extra chicken for Claud. So, everyone had what he or she wanted. When I make this again, I will add some sliced hard-boiled eggs to the mix. I think that would make it even more fabulous. It could also be called the double onion salad because I used two types of onions without even realizing it was finished. I guess I just love onions that much. I have to say, it worked with both. It didn’t seem like too many onions to me. You can choose to use only one type if you prefer. The good thing about this salad is it is very flexible. I guess that is also like the life of a Minnesotan, you have to be flexible to deal with that type of weather. Oh, and for a final touch, I incorporated snow peas, which taste like spring but are called “snow.” I thought that was appropriate.

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