Regional runners witness bombing aftermath

BOSTON – In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, a few of the area residents who participated in the event and relatives of locals living in Boston shared their accounts of the incident.

Apparently, no runners from Brown County ran in the Marathon this year, according to registration rosters. However, Mankato had six registered runners.

Chaun Cox, a North Mankato doctor, confirmed that he, his wife and the five other Mankato runners were not harmed in the bomb blast. He said they had finished the race and were two blocks away in their hotel rooms when they heard, then felt the explosion.

Cox and his wife quickly ran downstairs towards the explosion site to offer help. Medical responders turned them away because they already had enough volunteers. Cox was unable to see details of the blast scene because the sheer number of police and emergency responders blocked his view.

Sharin Russell, a Boston resident whose mother grew up in Hanska, lives five blocks from the blast site, but she did not hear the explosion. She became aware of the incident after an increasing number of police and emergency vehicles sped down their street towards the Marathon finish line. She learned the details from news telecasts, but she found it difficult to confirm that her friends were safe after cell phone service was temporary suspended in the area.

One of her friends had just finished the race and was 100 feet from the first bomb when it went off, Russell said. Her friend called the incident “horrific,” but she was unable to talk more about it because she was overwhelmed by the incident.

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