Invention & Idea Show adds new wrinkles

REDWOOD FALLS – Fishing enthusiasts should be interested to know about two new exhibitors at the 2013 Invention & Idea Show that opened Friday at the Redwood Area Community Center.

The fully-enclosed, pocket-sized, battery-powered Lighting Box flashes a high-intensity light on glow-in-the-dark lures, making them glow for 10 minutes or more, according to the Willmar inventors Sharon and Anthony Cruze.

Another West Central Minnesota inventor, Orville Miller of Clarkfield, exhibited Jig Rig, that includes a stand and fishing rod and reel mount for jig fishing enthusiasts and the Easy Roll tool box kit that creates easy access to tool box contents in pickup truck boxes, for example.

Other exhibits included:

A lightweight, all-aluminum, half-inch thick, Side Track Saw Table designed to easily cut angles on siding, shakes and soffit materials on the ground or on scaffolding.

The Lid Leever, a mechanical toilet seat lifter that allows it to be moved up and down with a foot pedal.

The Roley Rooter that produces seedling-starting pots from old newspapers without drowning plants.

Chi-Eer pinion gear engines that can power washing machines, dishwashers, food processors and other appliances using air or water pressure.

“My goal is to partner with manufacturers to create a unique product for anyone to enjoy eco-friendly, sustainable living that puts money back into their pockets,” said inventor Weldy Peguero of Ridgefield Park, N.J. “Switching to this technologically innovative motor will eliminate or at least reduce pollution, one of the world’s biggest causes of cancer and other illnesses.”

Gordon Wibstad’s Wheelchair Assist device allows wheelchair users to eat, do puzzles, read, rock, tilt back to wash hair, do upper body exercise and sleep safety with a headrest, runners and adjustable wheels under the runners.

S Safety Sewer Drain eliminates the need to remove a toilet, reduces the need to access roof vents, reduces contamination and is easy to use when connected to a four-inch PVC plug.

Rock Star’s grated, steel tine design allows a faster, easier way to pick field rocks than bucket-type tools, when attached to skid-steers.

The Chimney Air Diffuser cuts wind velocity at the top of wood furnace chimneys by adding outside air at the top of the flue. It means far less heat pulled out the chimney and down-drafts from wind gusts are reduced.

Mike and Kristy Suess of Sleepy Eye exhibited Tailmate, a trailer light and electric brake testing unit that works without a power source using universal, seven-way outlets and toggle switches.

The Suess’ Powerizer is a small toolbox with 12-volt battery inside. The device has an exterior USB outlet for powering or charging most electronic devices with standard USB cords. The unit has three 12-volt outlets outside and one inside for powering or charging other devices.

The device with six small exterior LED lights is advertised as being particularly useful for camping, in ice fishing houses, in your home during a long power outage or in your vehicle in case of electrical failure.

An eye dropper adopter that easily allows one drop of liquid to be removed from small bottles.

Laminated key labels for use on keys and key cards so you don’t have to guess what your keys are used for.

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