USA adopting a double standard?

To the editor:

What is happening to our country?

If we lie to Congress, that is a felony and punishable in court, but if our lawmakers lie to us-well, that’s just politics.

A man killed a pregnant woman and he was charged with a double murder-but our country has given its blessings to abortion which is the killing of unborn babies.

We can teach homosexuality in our public schools-but we can’t mention the word of God in doing so.

We have millions of illegal immigrants in our country-but the politicians now want to grant them amnesty and give them many of the benefits for which we worked a lifetime.

We have Black History Month-but what outcry there would be if we initiated White History Month.

We condone pornography on TV and on the internet-but we can’t display a nativity scene in a public park or in a public school.

Prayer is forbidden in public schools-but the U.S. Constitution and all state constitutions have many references to God.

Sadly, our country has become the home of the double standard.

Don Brand

New Ulm

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