Board receives reports on parent support program

NEW ULM The Brown County Board received Tuesday a report of the Parent Support Outreach Program.

The program, which is in its first year, seeks to address child protection reports that did not reach the level of an investigation or services under the law. It intends to prevent these case from becoming incidents requiring investigations. The program aims to address and reduce negative factors in households while teaching how to encourage positive factors.

In 2012, Brown County served 26 families involving 44 children The average case lasted eight months at an average cost of $850, with a range of $100 to $2,100. Brown County spent its entire $25,000 grant, with $16,300 going towards basic needs like food, clothing, utilities and diapers while $8,700 went towards services like parent education.

The Board also received a report on the Six-Year Income Maintenance Medical Assistance Care Case Load History for Brown County.

Overall, Brown County’s case load grew from 1,650 cases to 1,886 cases, or 14 percent. Under that total, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) caseload grew the highest percentage from 408 to 799, or 95 percent. MinnesotaCare grew from 202 to 296, or 46 percent. General health care cases grew from 1,544 to 1,741, or 12 percent. Although General Assistance /Minnesota Supplemental Aid/ Group Residential House assistance for the adults, disabled and seniors varied throughout the year, it grew from 211 to 222, or 5 percent.

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) was the only caseload to decrease from 86 to 77, or 11 percent.

The Board received the annual report of the Local Advisory Council/Bridge on Center, which met almost all of its 2012 goals and objectives. The program focuses on advocacy for mental health issues. It tries to develop opportunities for participants to increase socialization and reduce isolation as well as to increase health and wellness, involvement in the community, education and participation in activities.

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