The growth of evil

To the editor:

Evil seems more prevalent every day.?When senseless acts like the bombing of the marathon races occur we need to take a look at the statistics in the book written by George Grant, director of the Kings Meadow study center near Nashville. He states some very unpleasant statistic in a book written in 1995. Over the last three decades our index of leading cultural indicators have shown the number of illegitimate births have increased 400 percent, divorce rates have quadrupled, domestic violence increased by 320 percent and the number of children abandoned or left on their own has quintupled, and teen suicides have sky rocked by 200 percent. This has gotten even worse in the last five years. In the meantime our churches, private associations and community associations that have provided strength and stability to our nation have been undermined and distorted by our government and social engineers. Government under the guise of helping us was actually hurting us. Government spending on social programs has increased by 65o percent. But instead of helping the situation, it has made matters worse, in fact figures show ever dollar poured into these programs ended going in a minus direction.

Through the tax formula we have taken the dollars away from the productive industries and business and poured them in the social or giveaway programs and yet we have re-elected them. These same people have voted for every conceivable evil known by man: Same sex marriage, euthanasia, abortion etc. If they don’t know that killing babies is wrong they probably aren’t getting much else right either. If they don’t value life, killing of 500,000 tax payers might get their attention.

Among these killings, certainly were some clergy,teachers, engineers,scientists and doctors. There might even have been the inventor of the cure of the disease you are dying of right now. We have given our prosperous nation to the socialistic regime as so many failed nations have done in the past. We have taken God’s laws (the Ten Commandments) and replaced them with man’s laws. As we reelect these people are we the modem day (Judas) that sold God for 30 pieces of silver. We might consider that when walk into the voting booth and color that black dot.

Lerry Peichel

Sleepy Eye

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